• 可直接於網站登記帳戶, 即可成為Little Stardust Starry Member
  • 每次購物, 可賺取積分以用作現金回贈


  • 一次性消費折後滿HK$3000 或 三個月內累積消費滿HK$5000
  • VIP會藉為期一年,須一年內消費滿$5000便能自動延長一年會藉





.每次購物, 可賺取積分以用作現金回贈



  • VIP優惠可與現金回贈同時享用
  • 所有VIP享有之優惠只供VIP本人使用,不得轉讓他人
  • 如VIP會員生日優惠與其它優惠同時使用,會以價格較低者計算
  • 如有任何爭議,本公司將會保留一切最終決定權




-HK$1 = 1分積分

  • 1% 回贈,每100分等於 HK$ 1,1000分等於HK$10,如此類推。每次交易獲取之積分都會顯示在訂單上。

-積分有效期為6個月, 每6個月積分將自動重新計算, 不會另行請知。

-於Little Stardust網站購物, 即可賺取積分。

  • 網站:交易前須登入賬戶,方可賺取積分。

-為保個人利益, 必須透過網站自行登入賬戶, 方可賺取積分。




-積分僅在同一會員帳戶內累積, 不得轉讓, 不同帳戶的積分不能合併使用。

-每次交易成功完成後, 就會視為有效積分。


-如需換貨, 將按實付金額累計相應積分。

-累積積分將會以本公司電腦系統記錄為準, 如有任何爭議,本公司將會保留一切最終決定權。



STARRY-CLUB Membership:


  • Register through our website to become Starry Member
  • Earn point in every purchase for cash coupon use


  • Spend over HKD$3000 for a one-time purchase or Spend HKD$5000 within three months.
  • Please contact us for upgrading your account to a VIP account.
  • VIP account will be valid for one year. 
  • You’ll get 10%off discount for the next order
  • If you spend over $5000 within a year, the membership can be extended for another year.

. 10% discount on all regular-priced products

. A one-time 20% discount on the birthday month

. Complimentary birthday gift for a birthday order

. Exclusive VIP Price for promotion set

. Earn point in every purchase for cash coupon use

  • All VIP discounts are only for the member’s own use and CANNOT be transferred to the others
  • If the VIP member birthday discount is used in conjunction with other discounts, the lower price will be calculated
  • Little Stardust reserves the right to change, modify the terms and conditions any time without prior notice.
  • In case of any disputes, Little Stardust reserves the right to the final decision


Points & REwards Scheme
Terms and Condition:

-Starting from 1st Oct 2020

-HK$1 = 1 Point

  • 1% rebate, every 100 points equal to HK$1, 1000 points equal to HK$10 etc. Points earned for each transaction will be displayed on the order.

-The points are valid for 6 months, and points will be automatically recalculated every 6 months without further notice.

-Points & Rewards Scheme only valid in online purchases. 

-In order to protect your personal benefits, customers must login via our website by yourself to earn points.

-Earned points can be used in the next purchase.

-All points will be calculated into the system at the discounted price.

-All members must login before every transaction to earn points. 

-If customers don’t login to your account before the transaction, the points earned in this transaction will be invalid, and all points won’t be reissued after the transaction.

-Points can only be accumulated in one single account, the points can not be transferred, points from the different accounts can not be merged together to use.

-After each transaction is successfully completed, it will be considered as a valid point.

-If the transaction is failed, it will be considered as an invalid point.

-If a replacement is required, corresponding points will be accumulated based on the actual amount paid.

-The accumulated points will be subject to the company’s computer system records. In case of any disputes, Little Stardust reserves all the right to the final decision.

-If Little Stardust suspects that the points are obtained through dishonest methods, Little Stardust reserves the all right to the final decision

-All points can be check through the website>My Account.


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