【✶ 2023 新年套裝 Set D ✶ 奇蹟面膜 7pcs + 藍膜 100g + 神仙膏 20g】

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MMIRACLE+|SOS Miracle+ Gel Mask SOS 奇蹟藍膜|100G

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MMIRACLE+|Amazing Miracle+ Mask 奇蹟面膜|7 Sheets x 30mle

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MMIRACLE+|S.O.S. Miracle+ Acne Cream 神仙膏 | 20G

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MMIRACLE+|SOS Miracle+ Gel Mask SOS 奇蹟藍膜|100G

MMIRACLE+|Miracle+ SOS 奇蹟藍膜|100G

MMIRACLE+|S.O.S Miracle Gel Mask|100G


皮膚越差 效果越明顯





用後:早上暗瘡已經全部消失,而且皮膚很有光澤, 配搭神仙膏使用,任何暗瘡,暗瘡印都一一擊退


This S.O.S Miracle Gel Mask soothes and nourishes the skin. Infused with concentrated natural ingredients such as HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA EXTRACT,PAEONIA SUFFRUTICOSA ROOT BARK EXTRACT,GLYCYRRHIZA URALENSIS EXTRACT which gently restores skin suffering from acne, psoriasis or eczema, and helps balance oily skin. It’s gentle yet powerful for troubled skin and help moisturize while treating acne and sunburns effectively and this cooling formula helps to revitalize the skin and retain moisture for a healthy-looking glow.

MMIRACLE+|Amazing Miracle+ Mask 奇蹟面膜|7 Sheets x 30mle

MMIRACLE+|Mmiracle+ 奇蹟面膜 | 7 Sheets x 30mle

MMIRACLE+|Amazing Miracle+ Mask | 7 Sheets x 30mle


史上最強的奇蹟面膜,通過S T C激素及類固醇檢測

用過一片 就不能回頭 主打修復肌膚細胞



精華更強效 肌膚吸收得更全面


極強抗敏功效 即時舒緩肌膚紅腫,暗瘡暗粒等問題


Amazing Miracle+ Mask is specialized for problematic skin with a concentrated amount of high quality botany extract which contains anti-inflammatory properties which instantly soothes and repairs skin cells, reduces wrinkle, plumps up skin while refines pores and restores the skin’s radiance and firm complexion. It can reduces the appearance of spots and freckles. Infuses skin with intensive moisture and beneficial ingredients to create a look of translucence and radiance while eliminating dullness and uneven tone.

MMIRACLE+|S.O.S. Miracle+ Acne Cream 神仙膏 | 20G

MMIRACLE+|Mmiracle+ 神仙膏 | 20G

MMIRACLE+|S.O.S. Miracle+ Acne Cream | 20G


奇蹟神仙膏 去除所有面部瑕疵

消炎 去暗粒 退紅 收毛孔 強效去暗瘡: 一盒過!






This is the miracle solution cream for acne, acne scar, redness and pores. It can help to reduce bacteria that causes acne, remove dead skin cells and control sebum secretion while balance skin’s moisture level and reduce acne recurrence. With it’s powerful formulation, it can address acne and blemishes, draw out impurities, and target congested pores. With continued use, this gentle, yet effective acne cream leaves skin visibly minimized pores and perfectly clear.


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