【2022 聖誕Mmiracle+系列優惠 Set C 】✷ 買三盒神仙膏 送一支爆水面霜

【2022 聖誕Mmiracle+系列優惠 Set C 】✷ 買三盒神仙膏 送一支爆水面霜
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MMIRACLE+|SOS 神仙膏 Acne Cream | 20g


MMIRACLE+|爆水面霜 Water Splash Hydrator | 30mle

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MMIRACLE+|SOS 神仙膏 Acne Cream | 20g

奇蹟神仙膏 去除所有面部瑕疵

消炎 去暗粒 退紅 收毛孔 強效去暗瘡: 一盒過!





This is the miracle solution cream for acne, acne scar, redness and pores. It can help to reduce bacteria that causes acne, remove dead skin cells and control sebum secretion while balance skin’s moisture level and reduce acne recurrence. With it’s powerful formulation, it can address acne and blemishes, draw out impurities, and target congested pores. With continued use, this gentle, yet effective acne cream leaves skin visibly minimized pores and perfectly clear.

MMIRACLE+|爆水面霜 Water Splash Hydrator | 30mle

為你皮膚建立100%水感零重屏障 24小時無間斷為皮膚補水




1秒迅速爆水 3秒滲透至肌底層 5秒為皮膚建立鎖水屏障,極速嫩膚鎖水


Miracle+ Water Splash Hydrator is formulated specially for sensitive skin, the silky and water based moisturiser glides effortlessly across skin and melts in instantly and quenches dehydrated skin which intensely hydrating, it boosts skin’s moisture reservoir for a full 24 hours. Deliver hydration with a soothing effect while nourish and protect sensitive skin that works to repair and protect skin’s barrier. Comforting skin and helping to reduce sensitivity over time, it is composed with a blend of soothing and protective active ingredients, including Chamomilla Recutita Flower Oil and also utilizes Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract for it’s calming and antioxidant properties. With the combination of water-binding ingredients with encapsulated antioxidants to help break the cycle of dryness and environmental stress that can lead to premature aging.

This moisturizer absorbs instantly, leaving skin smooth and moisturized, without any sticky residue.


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