【2023 聖誕Starrytale系列優惠 Set F 】Five Boxes: Paper Mask Jumbo Set ✷ Set F2

【2023 聖誕Starrytale系列優惠 Set F 】Five Boxes: Paper Mask Jumbo Set (JUMBO面膜系列) ✷ Set F2 ✷



  • N.2 Pure Glow 透白水光面膜 Jumbo 10片裝 五盒
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STARRYTALE|N.2 Pure Glow|透白水光面膜|JUMBO 10片裝

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STARRYTALE|N.2 Pure Glow|透白水光面膜


一直都知道護膚品沒有十全十美,但是又想讓客人在敷面膜的時候可以紓緩多個皮膚問題,所以又回到最基本步,調配修復性的配方做base, 但是這一款的光澤亮白度及毛孔細緻度,會比另一款(Wonder mask)更強,因主要使用了葡萄柚萃取,含有豐富的天然維他命C可抗氧化及抗炎,無刺激地美白提亮膚色及淡化色素沉澱,另含有納米紫蘇萃取:超強抗氧化成份同時可以鎮靜消炎,穩定肌膚、抗衰老,淡化細紋。


Your ultimate skin goal.

N.2 Pure Glow is brightening and fine pores than the other (Wonder mask), because it mainly uses grapefruit extract, which is rich in natural vitamin C, which can be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and whiten without irritation. Brighten skin tone and lighten pigmentation, and also contains Nano Perilla extract: super anti-oxidant ingredients can calm and reduce inflammation, stabilize skin, anti-aging, and reduce fine lines.

In addition, bamboo leaf extract can strengthen the skin’s moisturizing power, and at the same time has a soothing anti-inflammatory effect, can make the skin soft and delicate, can strengthen the health of skin cells and water storage capacity, and keep it hydrated all day long.


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